Signs to look for

Organizations that work to end human trafficking have identified a number of signs that may point to human trafficking:

  • New partner (may be abusive)
  • Unexplained money, getting things they cannot afford including clothes, hair, nails
  • New brand name clothes 
  • Nails, hair, lashes consistently done (not consistent with previous actions)
  • Hotel pens, receipts, etc.
  • Creates distance or mistrust of others; isolates you from family & friends
  • Creates dependency on him / her
  • Asks you to do things outside your comfort zone
  • May introduce drugs/ alcohol
  • Exposure to sex, sexting, porn, strip clubs
  • Holds on to your ID or arranges fake ID
  • Says you working as an escort is for a better future for "both" of you 
  • Becomes abusive (verbal, psychological, physical)
  • Drops usual friends for a new group
  • Skips school, has a significant drop in grades
  • becomes a night person, stays out late, is Unable to sleep at night or sleeps excessively during the day
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Helpful Resources

5 Things to know about human trafficking
5 Things to know about Human Trafficking in Durham Region

This informative 12-page booklet will give you good insight as to how Human Trafficking occurs in Durham Region along with 5 ways to ignite change to combat Human Trafficking.

Download resource
Victim Services of Durham Region
Human Trafficking: Parents & Prevention

Victim Services of Durham Region know that caregivers’ attention, love, and awareness is the biggest defence against Human Trafficking. This simple 2-page flyer is full of tips, signs to look for and detailed information on how to intervene when speaking to children about sensitive topics.

Download resource

There is hope!

If you are a victim of Human Trafficking or know of someone who might be:

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