Who is targeted?

There are so many myths going around—it’s important you know the truth about Human Trafficking.

  • Most people who are trafficked for sex are women and girls, but boys and men can also be trafficked
  • Those who are Two-Sprit, Trans or queer-identifying people are at increased risk due to existing discrimination and structural exclusion
  • The average age of recruitment is 13 years old.
  • Those who struggle to meet their basic needs including food, shelter, safety and belonging are targeted by sex traffickers.
  • Indigenous women and girls are especially likely to be trafficked.
  • Addiction, mental health issues and developmental disabilities are also risk factors.

Targeting Factors

Individual Factors

  • Low self-esteem/ self worth
  • Lack of confidence/ insecurity
  • Problems with family
  • Do not feel adequately loved
  • Lack of social support networks
  • Problems at school/ bullying
  • Previous Abuse

Societal/Systemic Factors

  • Social marginalization
  • Poverty/ low economic opportunities
  • Isolated neighbourhood/ proximity to crime
  • Racism/ discrimination
  • Newcomer/ language barriers
  • Gender/ being female
  • Indigenous/ legacy of colonization
  • 2SLGBTQ+

Common Recruitment Locations

  • Schools
  • Malls
  • Libraries
  • Group homes
  • Bus Stops
  • Parties at Hotels
  • On-line social media


Being forced, tricked, pressured into the sex trade is not your fault and you have not done anything wrong. We are here to help without judgment or assumption.

Helpful Resources

5 Things to know about human trafficking
5 Things to know about Human Trafficking in Durham Region

This informative 12-page booklet will give you good insight as to how Human Trafficking occurs in Durham Region along with 5 ways to ignite change to combat Human Trafficking.

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Victim Services of Durham Region
Human Trafficking: Parents & Prevention

Victim Services of Durham Region know that caregivers’ attention, love, and awareness is the biggest defence against Human Trafficking. This simple 2-page flyer is full of tips, signs to look for and detailed information on how to intervene when speaking to children about sensitive topics.

Download resource

There is hope!

If you are a victim of Human Trafficking or know of someone who might be:

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